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costa mesa is one of my favorite cities. it is full of charm, great restaurants, and good lookin' people. what more can you ask for? i love going to new places to eat and yelp might possibly be my best friend, maybe. a best friend of mine has a friend who is down from utah for a few days and today we took her out and spent the day (we all woke up around 1pm and didn't start our day off until 4pm) in costa mesa.

we were all in some need of coffee and went to the oh so popular portola coffee lab to fuel up. we ended our night at eat chow. when i discovered this cute place i instantly loved it so i asked the girls if they wanted to eat at eat chow and they said yes.

it was pretty full and all the tables were taken so we ate at the bar. we started off with their fresh made chips with tomato salsa which was great. the chips are thick and the perfect amount of salty and crunchy...don't even get me started on the tomato salsa. their menu is a good mix of different flavors and all over the place. i was in the mood for a salad so i ordered the spanish style roasted chicken salad. it was delicious. my friend ordered the grilled cheese sandwich which was apparently amazing and the soup of the day: carrot basil.

the service was great and everyone was incredibly friendly!
i cannot wait to go back to this place! if you are in the neighborhood, go visit eat chow!
you won't regret it, people.