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i sat there staring at the screen re-reading posts i had written. it felt like visiting someone i no longer know. i was brave, naive, full of ambition, and my heart hadn't been entirely broken by this city yet. i sat there feeling worn down and finished. i felt like the brave, naive, full of life me had been lost in all of the weekly meetings, email chains, and the cubicle that had become my second home. the posts i was reading were time capsules. i had encapsulated who i was and what i believed. this girl i was envying was still in me somewhere. I had buried away all of my favorite parts of myself some time ago. 

i sat here now in the beginning stages of a new journey and i felt relieved to have come across these old words of mine. i needed the push from no one other than excited and strong willed 20 year old self. 


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some wise words from someone i admire and look up to. this is so important and something i fully believe in. i love traveling because i feel enriched, lost, and anonymous. i am always left hungry for more. i want to continue to explore different cultures and ways of life. 


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sometimes we feel like we need to travel somewhere new to find beauty (i'm guilty of this), but truth be told, there is beauty everywhere and anywhere. i took so many photos while in europe. i was that annoying girl snapping pictures of the street signs, street art, everything i found beautiful (which was basically everything). when i arrived back in the states i was quickly hit with the realization that i take los angeles' beauty for granted.

that's when i decided to start a little project. it's simply to shoot all the beauty i come across here in los angeles. the blue house that stood out from the rest, the shadows of palm trees, the cool street art, a pch sunset, anything that stops me in my tracks and pulls me in. every city is full of extravagant or simple beauty, but nonetheless it's still beauty. so, fall in love with your city all over again. i know i am.

i'm using the hashtag #losangelesispretty on instagram if you ever want to check it out.


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there's nothing like sleeping in on a sunday morning and cooking brunch. even the simplest meals can feel fancy and wonderful. i had a friend who i hadn't seen in over a year come over and we cooked a really simple, but great meal.

the day before i went to a local persian market (i will have to write about my love for ethnic markets soon) and picked up some herbs and fingerling potatoes. i knew that the potatoes would be the most important part of the meal so i found some fresh rosemary and thyme. i also picked up a great bottle of virgin olive oil imported from italy. i brought back fleur de sel from paris so that added the perfect touch. i will always tell anyone and everyone to pay the extra bucks for great quality products as well as imported products. it's worth it, i promise.

these fingerling potatoes came out so delicious and we were left wanting more and then some. 


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this tune makes me want to drive to the desert. it makes me want to explore the streets of barcelona. it makes me want to dance all over paris again. it makes me want to drink some whiskey and wear red lipstick. i'm into this song. enjoy. 

check MT out.


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i was recently told i would no longer be able to have gluten due to some health issues. i'm not celiac (hell yeah), but i can't be eating gluten on a regular basis. coming back from europe where all i did was consume inhuman amounts of gluten i quickly had become accustomed to enjoying wheat-filled foods on the daily (more like hourly). so, i was definitely slightly heartbroken when i was bluntly told to take it out of my system. 

in comes this delicious recipe by My New Roots. trust me, i wish i could take credit for this kick ass recipe, but that'd be total fraud. i've become quite the sarah britton fan! i catch myself day dreaming about the next recipe of hers i am going to try to recreate! recently my brother very abruptly interrupted a conversation i was having with someone about what i wanted to cook next with a simple, but honest statement, "you are so obsessed with food!" i am, i totally 100% am. i love the beauty behind cooking a delicious plate. i love traveling and experiencing culture through food. it's my favorite, so hell yes, i am so obsessed with food.

for all you gluten lovers who unfortunately cannot consume it or for anyone who is ready to have their life changed by a simple loaf of bread i suggest that you make this. i'm not even kidding, make it. you'll love it. and it's so easy to make.

recipe from My New Roots.


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maybe it's the current los angeles weather, but i am totally day dreaming of the sound of waves, bikinis, fish tacos, sunkissed skin, lots of beer, swimming for hours, and tropical nights. my birthday is coming up and i'm thinking i may just go away for a few days and celebrate that way. i love parties, but am more into throwing them than having them for myself. my favorite way to celebrate my birthday or anything for that matter is by going away somewhere fun! my current free time has been spent looking on airbnb for places to possibly stay at! 

also, here is a fun short playlist i found that makes me day dream even more. 

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