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there's nothing like sleeping in on a sunday morning and cooking brunch. even the simplest meals can feel fancy and wonderful. i had a friend who i hadn't seen in over a year come over and we cooked a really simple, but great meal.

the day before i went to a local persian market (i will have to write about my love for ethnic markets soon) and picked up some herbs and fingerling potatoes. i knew that the potatoes would be the most important part of the meal so i found some fresh rosemary and thyme. i also picked up a great bottle of virgin olive oil imported from italy. i brought back fleur de sel from paris so that added the perfect touch. i will always tell anyone and everyone to pay the extra bucks for great quality products as well as imported products. it's worth it, i promise.

these fingerling potatoes came out so delicious and we were left wanting more and then some. 


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