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sometimes we feel like we need to travel somewhere new to find beauty (i'm guilty of this), but truth be told, there is beauty everywhere and anywhere. i took so many photos while in europe. i was that annoying girl snapping pictures of the street signs, street art, everything i found beautiful (which was basically everything). when i arrived back in the states i was quickly hit with the realization that i take los angeles' beauty for granted.

that's when i decided to start a little project. it's simply to shoot all the beauty i come across here in los angeles. the blue house that stood out from the rest, the shadows of palm trees, the cool street art, a pch sunset, anything that stops me in my tracks and pulls me in. every city is full of extravagant or simple beauty, but nonetheless it's still beauty. so, fall in love with your city all over again. i know i am.

i'm using the hashtag #losangelesispretty on instagram if you ever want to check it out.


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