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i was recently told i would no longer be able to have gluten due to some health issues. i'm not celiac (hell yeah), but i can't be eating gluten on a regular basis. coming back from europe where all i did was consume inhuman amounts of gluten i quickly had become accustomed to enjoying wheat-filled foods on the daily (more like hourly). so, i was definitely slightly heartbroken when i was bluntly told to take it out of my system. 

in comes this delicious recipe by My New Roots. trust me, i wish i could take credit for this kick ass recipe, but that'd be total fraud. i've become quite the sarah britton fan! i catch myself day dreaming about the next recipe of hers i am going to try to recreate! recently my brother very abruptly interrupted a conversation i was having with someone about what i wanted to cook next with a simple, but honest statement, "you are so obsessed with food!" i am, i totally 100% am. i love the beauty behind cooking a delicious plate. i love traveling and experiencing culture through food. it's my favorite, so hell yes, i am so obsessed with food.

for all you gluten lovers who unfortunately cannot consume it or for anyone who is ready to have their life changed by a simple loaf of bread i suggest that you make this. i'm not even kidding, make it. you'll love it. and it's so easy to make.

recipe from My New Roots.


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