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as i get older i realize that when people used to say to me, "enjoy your youth, enjoy it while you can, you have the energy and time to do it all..." they weren't kidding. in a matter of one year my life went from having lots of free time, adventuring a few times a week, reading devouring books in days or weeks, to trying to find time to read a few pages of the book i have been on for a few months, having to plan adventures instead of spontaneously going on them, spending my free time sleeping because i have been up since four or six in the morning and am exhausted. 

i spent my saturday working from 6:45am to 2:30pm and coming home to sleep (didn't plan on it, but my couch is like a cloud) and having an anthony bourdain no reservations marathon. best show, ever? i think yes! he is livin' the life. traveling to beautiful places and eating food, amazing and crazy food. i would love nothing more. 

watching this made me realize my life needs some change, i need to drop a shift and spend more time doing the things that make me happy. i need to travel more, hike more, love more...the list could go on and on. i came across this photo and the flickr that had an album titled book of lists which filled me with nostalgia. i love the idea of writing these notes in a journal or any paper (or napkin) to store forever. i might do something like this. i'm feeling inspired. 

i hope you guys don't get lost in work, worries, and unimportant things. change things up, don't forget to be inspired by what is around us. adventure more and don't forget to love, a lot.

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