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instead of a music monday playlist (which i was unable to post last week) i have decided to introduce you guys to a rising english musician. i've listened to her covers since the beginning and now she is getting the praise she deserves from a ton of people and i love it!

jasmine van den bogaerde is a sixteen year old british musician that goes by the stage name birdy. long story short...she's got a voice that can leave you in a wonderful and mystical trance. i know, you are probably thinking "wait, what?" and my answer to that is: her voice really is magical and there is something so perfect about it. i can't really explain it, but what i can do is show you two of her music videos: 1901 and skinny love.

she is well known for her cover of skinny love by bon iver and let me tell you, it is pure genius and her music video to the song 1901 by Phoenix is really fantastic and i have watched it roughly around 15 times today. oops?