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there is nothing i like more than a good solid playlist. summer playlists are so different than winter/fall/spring playlists. summer playlists are the foundation for good summer days (yes they actually really are) and if you don't have good music playing while on a road trip or just while driving in a car it really really stinks.

these are ten songs that make me think of summer. this playlist can be your soundtrack during drives down PCH or during late night drives with good friends.

enjoy, friends!

The Bucket | Kings of Leon
Punching In A Dream | The Naked And Famous
Ho Hey | The Lumineers
Radioactive | Imagine Dragons
Sour Cherry | The Kills
Such Great Heights | The Postal Service
Ambling AlpYeasayer
Teenage Crime | Adrian Lux
3 Months in California | The Royal Sons
Claws Pt 2 | Typhoon

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