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i am back in orange county (insert sad face here) and because i didn't come home until late last night there was no time to post a music monday. but today i bring you some photos from my last minute trip to san francisco.

the way this trip happened was pretty great. i was in my graphic design class on friday and saw one of my friends post something about one of our best friends being up in san francisco and right then and there i decided i was going to go up that weekend. checked out student universe, jetblue, and southwest airlines for flights. student universe had a flight for the next day and it was super cheap. so, what do you do when you only have to buy a one way and it happens to be less than $100...you book the flight, duh!

it was a nice quick getaway, exactly what i needed. i ate some great food, had some good drinks, and loved every second of it. i miss san francisco already, but i will be back in november! for those of you who know me you know i have left my heart in san francisco and hope to one day move up there for a couple of years. for now trips every few months will do, kinda.

guys, if you are ever in san francisco i highly suggest mission beach cafe. it is one of my favorite restaurants there and even though we had to wait almost two hours this time around...it was so totally worth it! their sunday brunch is perfect. oh, and order their parmesan truffle fries. your life will be changed...forever.

PS how cute is my friend emily?!