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sorry i have been a little mia this week. i've just been super busy and the mini trip to san francisco left me inspired, but sad because i just want to be back there. i will have a new music monday, shop lovin', and recipe up next week which i am very excited about.

for now i leave you with this: i am very excited about the future. i don't exactly have anything super exciting to look forward to at this moment, but i'm simply excited about the fact that the future brings new changes and that is exactly what i need right now...change & lots of it. please and thank you.

i hope you guys feel the same way. can you believe that this year is almost over. it is going to 2013 before we know it...and we will alllll be alive because the whole 2012 end of the world conspiracy makes me laugh a lot.

enjoy your weekend. -eli

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