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thank goodness it is finally friday. that means i get to take a small breather today and tomorrow.
my weekends need to start including mini-road trips, beer, and friends like, now.

it seems that whenever something not-so-great happens in my life a lot of not-so-great things have to happen at the same time as well. or tons and tons of things pile on and my little body gets weak, my eyeballs kill even when wearing my glasses, and working out doesn't even help me de-stress. this is not fun at all. that was my week.

this week has already been a tad bit terrible. i quit my job of one year, applied for another job (that i didn't end up getting), and had to turn in a poorly done design for my class. i'm still very angry about that last part.

last night my best friend randomly surprised me with a gift basket because she knew i had had a terrible day. mind you she was sick and had been at work most of the day. she drove to san clemente during traffic time to get me my favorite chocolate bars (mast brothers) because it's hard to find a store that carries them. she brought back three and i can't wait to eat them all up.  she included some of my favorite things as well as tickets to see grouplove next month. coomee on.
she knows me so well. we are both the same and sometimes mini or in this case big surprises can really get us out of our funks and cheer us up.

i woke up to a very exciting email and i feel like my weekend is already starting off the right way!

i hope you guys have a great weekend. -e