Posted: 10.10.2012 | | Labels: , ,

guys, i felt very uninspired for a couple of weeks recently and i was in such a rut that i was afraid it was going to take a lot to get me out of it. and slowly but surely i have been feeling a little better. yesterday, i woke up and thought it was time to start a new big project. to really put myself out there and go all the way. it might happen the way i want or it might not. but, it's not about that...it is about finally doing something i have secretly wanted to do for a while.

i cannot even handle the idea of ever getting stuck in a job that will make me miserable and sometimes i fear that this will happen to me which is why i have been trying to take baby steps towards what i want for my future.

as an "artist" i want to know that i am always giving my all...sometimes that leaves me feeling vulnerable and that is scary, but exciting at the same time.

i am crossing my fingers this project of mine leads me to new places and opens new (cool) doors for me. -e