J.CREW 2013

Posted: 10.24.2012 | | Labels:

yesterday i received a text from a good friend of mine, erin brady. she was asking if i had seen the j.crew 2013 previews floating around instagram because and i quote, "it has your name written all over it." unfortunately because i had been at work all day i had not. quickly i went on instagram and looked up the different instagrams she said had uploaded sneak previews and i was swooning and i think my heart skipped a beat. 

i am slightly…okay who am i kidding..i'm totally obsessed with j.crew's spring 2013 line and i need every single piece. my life depends on it. okay, i may be exaggerating..but only a tiny bit. 

while looking up these photos last night i realized i had seen the collection during fashion week and was freaking out because how in the world did i not cry the first moment i saw it. 

the spring collection embodies a lot of what i love. the sweaters with cute sayings and all those beautiful pants need to be mine. i really loved some pieces that were more street wear (well as much street wear as j.crew can get) and could be worn while having 'bleh' days and still wanting to feel pretty and collected. 

j.crew, you get me every single time. 

can it be spring now?!