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there are two songs on this playlist that i am currently majorly obsessed with.

'we go oh' is such a great song. you guys need to watch the music video. the lyrics and the music video are pretty powerful. 'not giving' in is also a great song. there seems to be a real connection between this song and we go oh. i am really feelin' them and the message they are bringing across.

i've been listening to bbc radio 1 lately and by lately i mean every day. why is it that i have to listen to a uk radio station to find listen to great music? our radio stations are not even remotely as good as bbc radio 1. i love the morning radio show with nick grimshaw. for us california people it starts playing around 10 or 11pm since there is an 8 hour difference. you guys should all tune in and listen. i listen on my computer through itunes radio. i'm obsessed.

i hope you guys like this mix. to be honest, i really rushed it. but, whatever because i like all the music on it. most of it is old tunes (not oldies, just music we've all probably heard a ton) and i do not apologize for it.

America | Imagine Dragons
Cavalcade | Mitten
Not Giving In | Rudimental
October | Broken Bells
Souvenirs | Architecture in Helsinki 
Such Great Heights | The Postal Service
Sweet Disposition | The Temper Trap
Until We Bleed (ft. Lykke Li) | Kleerup
WE GO OH | Rasmus Faber & Syke'n'Sugarstarr
The Wind | Cat Stevens

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