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i haven't really been instagraming too much as of late. life has been full of work and work. nothing too exciting. 

1. i love my fieldguided tote and i bring it with me everywhere. you can never go wrong with nylon and a new favorite magazine of mine, oyster. it's filled with beautiful photographs and type.

2. self-explanatory.

3. after my 5:30am spin class the sky looks quite beautiful.

4. anthropologie gets me every single time. look at photo six for update.

5. i was in the fig and brie mood and got myself just that. (i'm back to gluten-free though)

6. my new favorite pants thanks to anthropologie. seriously, polka dots are my weakness.

7. a little pre-shopping the day before a big shopping day.

8. this bottle will be start containing some cash monnnney for a secret future plan. i have no self control which is why it's in a glass bottle.

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