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my friends know me as Eli or E, but if you insist on calling me by my full name i don't mind...entirely. i decided to start this blog because i felt like i needed a new creative outlet. somewhere that i could share my interests. posting and sharing is something i have grown to love even more than i ever imagined. 

i enjoy finding new bands and sharing their greatness with friends and readers. when i come across a new company that i love the only thing i want to do is talk about them. strangely enough blogging has definitely made my love for fashion grow and change. this blog has helped me through so much and i truly believe it has helped me find myself (as crazy as that may sound) and change for the better.

if you are a new reader then hey and thank you for stopping by. if you aren't a new reader then thank you for continuing to check my blog out and supporting me. you guys are the greatest.

i have big dreams and sometimes i think i am a little crazy, but they excite me. this blog excites me and pushes me to be a better artist.