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a few weeks ago i heard someone say this. i felt like at that instant i knew it would be something i would never forget. it's so simple, but it explains us all so well. i feel that this exact quote is what my blog stands for. we are all wired for specific things. some of us art while others aren't. but at the end of the day we are all made for adventure and love. simple as that.

i decided to change the name of my blog because city & kitchen isn't really what this blog is all about anymore. when i first started city & kitchen i was in a different place and my goals and dreams were not what they are today. deciding on a new name really has been incredibly difficult and i cannot even begin to imagine what it is like for companies and bands. how do you do it?! 

when coming up with a new blog name i felt like i was trying to force it and it didn't feel right. when i began writing this blog post it came to me in the most organic way possible and that is what i wanted. i kept telling myself, "it'll just come to me, i know it." it really did just come to me!

i'm excited for the future of this blog and i am excited to continue to share lots of fun things.
thanks for continuing to read this old thing even when it gets boring (which i hope it never does).