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for those of you who follow my instagram then you are fully aware of my love for magazines because i feel like i am always posting photos of my them. i spend too much time in book stores with a massive stack of magazines sprawled all around me. this might sound stupid to you and it may not make sense, but i find such comfort and joy in going through my favorite magazines. i love looking at all the photographs, the interviews, the art. i love thinking about every detail that goes behind a magazine issue.

i ended my night last night at barnes and noble with a stack of like 10 magazines and just sat there next to my friend silently (occasionally i'd let out an excited comment like "look at how great this is!") going through these magazines and really admiring every single detail. i think because i am in school for media arts that i look at a magazine and notice the tiniest details and appreciate it so much. i was telling my friend how even the placement of each photograph is so critical and that the page can easily be less appealing if the placement of the photograph is even slightly off.

but back to the main point of this whole post. i decided i wanted to share some of my favorite magazines with you guys so that next time you are aimlessly wandering a book store you can check these babies out and hopefully they'll inspire you the way they inspire me.

these are just six of the magazines you will probably always find me reading and going through, but a few others you should check out are: STYLE.COM / DASH / W Magazine / numero / apartamento / MUSE / /
Hunger / Suitcase / MONKI