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this follow friday was meant for last week, but i had such a crazy and not so great week that i had no time to post anything after tuesday. oops. i hope you guys enjoyed the last follow friday from two weeks ago. did anyone check any of the recommendations out? let me know if you did. well, for this week i am bringing four more of my favorites.

blog i recently came across Shine By Three and i instantly fell in love with the beautiful photographs and the outfit posts as well as Margaret Zhang's way of writing. 

movie you can never go wrong with woody allen. am i right or am i right? if you have never watched Manhattan then i definitely think this is a film you should watch. the film is in black and white which is already a huge reason to watch it. but what i loved was that there's something so organic about this movie. i never wanted it to end. 

book Everything Beautiful Began After is one of my top favorite books of all time. it is beautifully written and i fell in absolute love with each character and i caught myself rooting for each character. it is kind of a love story. it's really more than that though. i don't want to give anything away. beware: you won't want to put this book down.

band Generationals are a band to watch for. i put one of their songs in this week's music monday playlist. they're a kick ass duo which catchy tunes that make me want to dance for hours. 


i know i have sucked at posting lately, but you most know that my schedule is so busy and the free time i have i spend working, working out, or trying to have a social life. damn college life.