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i am really missing london today. like on a scale of 1 to 10 it'd be like 1000 today. i miss walking to get breakfast, the beautiful houses and the sidewalks full of cracks. i miss taking the tube everywhere and not knowing what is going to happen that day. i miss the fun things they have over there. london is like really fun, guys. they have shows all the time, parties, and pubs everywhere. it's basically perfect.

it's hard going from two weeks of no responsibilities nothing on the agenda to fully booked days and eating on the go all day long. there are so many things i am stressing over. like, selling my car and purchasing a new one, looking for apartments, and trying to figure out how much longer i have to be in school for (can i just graduate tomorrow). i'm going crazy, people.

i think this is why i am missing london a crazy lot today. i miss the stress-free time.
sorry for this mini rant, but hey you got to see some cool london photos which is always nice, right?

PS how great is that louis vuitton ad!? too good.