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i seem to come back to this place whenever i am in need of clearing my mind. i've deemed september as the month of change, hardship, and most importantly...growth. we are barely a week in and i'm already feeling the growing pains. some months fly by so smoothly and others require you to try your hardest to stay sane and not kill those around you. this month is definitely the latter.

change is a wonderful and difficult thing, but i delight in change. i'm excited and hopeful. 
life is funny in that nothing is for certain. one moment things are going one way and the next thing you know everything has changed. i'm okay with that. yes, it's hard and you are left feeling wrecked, but if you stay even the slightest bit optimistic then you are bound to be okay. i'm sure of it.

this month two of my goals are to find new ways to stay inspired (that's been hard to do lately) and to be more loving. 

this quote describes what i am currently going through: 

experience: that most brutal of teachers. but you learn, my God do you learn. - C.S. Lewis

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