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so, somehow i managed to get myself back to europe all in the same year. i landed in paris first and even though i was in paris a few months before it felt like it had been years since i had last visited that magical city. i will be completely honest and say that the last time i was in paris i was left with a bitter taste in my mouth. i didn't have the greatest time and left pretty disappointed. 

man am i glad that i went back. i get it. i completely understand the paris hype. i fell madly in love with the city. it's colors, it's smells, it's cafes lined with parisians drinking café crème...i could go on and on. 

i can't wait to go back to paris. i definitely want to explore the city when it's warm and sunny every day! i can already picture all the simple and tasty picnics i would have at their parks. some wine, cheese, baguettes and some seasonal fruit..oh man, what a good time.

here are a few suggestions for visiting paris:
- if you want to visit paris and and really experience it you need to go for a minimum of a week. why? because i don't think you'll be able to really experience paris in a short amount of time. this was my third time in paris and i feel like i am just beginning to experience paris. (yes this means i am already planning on going back). 
- don't go with an strict agenda. have a list of a few things you would like to see and do, but keep it short. plan on getting lost. like really lost. my friend and i lost each other while riding their city bikes and it was a beautiful experience.
- riding the city bike is much scarier than you would imagine. they're crazy out there so if you are riding to just ride around you are good, but don't try getting to a location if you are new at riding. it was a fright fest. worth it though. 
- pack light. simple as that. some good comfortable shoes (major), a few basic pieces, and cameras.
- walk as much as you can. yes, the metro is great and helpful but the best way to see and explore the city is by foot. see above suggestion. 
- you will still need to take the metro so buy the metro ticket book instead of individual tickets. it will save you money and time. 
- check out their grocery stores. you can find some great things there and stocking up on some snacks is always a money saver.
- always have smaller bills on you and loose change. much needed.
- take a lot of photos and keep a journal. you'll forget some of these moments and all their beautiful details one day. so you'll be glad you captured them to keep forever.
- take it all in. all of it. every single meal, every metro ride, every person you come across. they make up the beautiful city of paris and it'll all inspire you.