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i have been mia lately...i know. last week was crazy busy and have not found any time to sit down and post. i feel like a terrible person ha ha. so on friday it was my birthday and i had such a wonderful weekend full of birthday surprises! from a full day of surprises by one of my best friends to another best friend surprising me and coming up from school to hangout for a few hours. my actual birthday was very random and mellow and it was probably my favorite birthday thus far. here are some photos from my birthday. i unfortunately did not bring camera my with me saturday and sunday. i regret it! 

the cake was so good!!

after driving around looking for a place to eat we finally came 
this yummy mexican place. it was so dang cute!

cutest little giraffe on a tasty drink!

their homemade chips and salsa were to die for!

this place was super fun

this burrito was as big as my head