Sucré Lovin'

Posted: 3.02.2012 | | Labels:

when i first started hearing about this band all i was reading and hearing were fantastic things. i wanted to know what all the hype was about. then spinner came to the rescue and provided us "future fans" with an exclusive premier of their song "when we were young". sucré is the music child of stacie king and produced by jeremy larson and darren king. stacie king is one of the singers for the band eisley, her husband darren king is the drummer for mutemath, and jeremy larson has worked with a lot of big bands. quite the trio if you ask me. their first album which is comprised of eleven songs will be available on tuesday, april 10th, 2012.

stacie's voice is haunting and beautiful. "when we were young" is filled with such nostalgia. it really hits home. the string arrangement in this song is perfect. get ready for sucré, people. they are going to go places.

go like them on facebook and get the word out.

this is the recorded version of "when we were young" 
& it is pretty perfect.

this is a live performance of their song "when we were young" 
performed atop of griffith park in los angeles for invisible children.
it is just as wonderful as the recorded version..if not better.