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not until recently did this become very relevant. it's super awesome when someone likes your work and acknowledges it, but it is another thing when they copy your work. i recently found someone doing this with some of my ideas and past posts. this is in no way a post calling this person out because in actuality i wrote this post last week before i was aware of the whole situation...i am just a firm believer in being your own person.

i feel like too many people are always trying too hard to be like others. it's cool to have people who inspire you when it comes to clothes, art, work, etc....but sometimes people cross the line and try to become just like those people. i have always believed that you shouldn't try to be anyone but yourself.  

so, think for yourself. whether it be style wise or work wise you should be funky and cool on your own. learn to love yourself because if you can't accept and respect yourself then who will?

how do you guys feel about this?

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