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this week i decided to feature a great band instead of making a playlist. for two reasons, i didn't have time to finish a full playlist because my week has been crazy busy & because atlas genius is fantastic and deserves everyone to know who they are.

i discovered them (this is going to sound stupid) while on my run. i was running to the naked and famous station and right at the end of my run their song trojans came on and i wanted time to stop so i could listen to the song forever and take it all in. it's been a while since a song has hit me hard. there is something very special about atlas genius, people. their lyrics are raw and they fill the empty cracks in all our hearts.

they are from adelaide, south many bands are from there and now i want to visit! trojans was their first single release and their ep through the looking glass is now available. in other words, go buy it and go check them out!

they are currently on tour with animal kingdom (which i just saw live and are amazing), silversun pickups, and wolf gang. some fantastic bands to tour with if you ask me! check out their tour dates and if you can go see to their show. hopefully i'll be at one of their la shows next week.

watch these two videos and then go check them out. i promise you won't regret it one tiny bit.