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i love sparkly pretty things. especially if you can wear them! that is why deserves to be known by all. they are a brand i stand behind and love because they're everything fun, sparkly, and exciting! the girls behind are just as fantastic as their products and they are pretty dang inspiring if you ask me. just some la ladies who are out to make the world a little bit prettier and sparklier.

guys, let's be real and just point the obvious: these bad boys are more than just products. they are statement pieces and the best kind if you ask me! there is something so cool and envious about gals who rock pieces like these, right? i love adding character to outfits by throwing on fun bright colored jewelry and one or more of these sparkly pieces!

tons of celebrities like: taylor swift, justin bieber, lea michele, and way more have been spotted wearing pieces from time to time! if you know what is good for you and this world, you'll go check out and treat yourself or a friend to something pretty. and if you sign up for their mailing list you get 15% off on your first order!

thank me later, people!

pinterest pieces: sunburst bobbi set / chiffon girlie bow / jumbo party bobbi / mini pom pom flower