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i love reading. a lot. i am currently reading a book by haruki murakami called south of the border, west of the sun. it's incredible. i'm about half way through it and i feel so connected to haruki's words that i never want this book to end.

whenever i read i always have some sort of writing tool with me. my books are always high lighted, underlined, and have notes scribbled all over. it's my way of taking it all in. whenever i let people borrow my books i always ask them to please write in it whenever they feel it necessary. it's cool to re-read a book and see what parts really impacted you.

this is a quote from the book that made so much sense to me. it's as if i read this in the exact moment i needed to hear it. don't you guys think that it is so true?

if you guys want a new book to pick up and devour...i suggest south of the border, west of the sun. it's funny, romantic, and brilliant.

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