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there are a handful of people i look up to professionally and style wise, but jac vanek has constantly inspired me in a different way. i forget how i came across her, but it must have been about four or five years ago. there is something so incredible about jac and i have a major girl crush on her! i love her brand because it makes me think of 'my so called life', 'freaks and geeks' (two of my favorite shows), and everything 90s grunge!

she started off with making a few bracelets for friends that said "ruthless" which were inspired by one of her favorite bands, something corporate. from there it took off. now, a couple of years later jac vanek is slowly taking over the world...okay, maybe just part of it? ha ha. i love what her brand stands for. i love how each shirt isn't just a shirt with some design on it. there is meaning behind every single design. i really could go on and on about jac vanek and her brand, but i won't. her story is super awesome and i suggest you go check it out!

she's a total babe nerd (yes, it is a thing) and when i met her i was totally star struck. i have met tons of celebrities and the huge kind, and i've never cared...but when i met jac vanek i'm pretty sure i had a mild panic attack (but i did a great job of hiding it) the whole time.

one of my favorite items has to be the 'need more coffee' tee! i really always am in need of more coffee, aren't you?! the four up there are pieces i need to own like, yesterday.


jac vanek pieces: stay weird hoodie / you wish tee / rad tee / america peace tee