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man, i love haruki murakami so dang much. full of such wise words.

a couple of nights ago during dinner with my family my future was brought up. my mom is pretty set on me going to barcelona or somewhere in europe to study design. she thinks it is what i need. she says it is where i belong, that i will fall in love with everything. i feel the same way. when i went to europe i got to visit many fantastic places and i felt at home.

both my parents think i should look into moving into a big city pretty soon. so, i've been searching and trying to figure my next few months out. i've got a big project i am currently dreaming up and starting to plan out and i feel like that big project and a move will do me good. real real good.

this quote really hit home for me. i have no clue what the future holds. whatever i am seeking will come in a form hopefully unfamiliar to me. i am excited, nervous, and ready for it.

so, here's to the future.

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