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for all of you who personally know me then you know how much i love companies who believe in making a difference. which is why i bring you today's shop lovin' with tons of excitement.

a few things you need to know about me. i love eating clean and living healthy. i am that annoying friend who juices (and asks you to do it with me), goes gluten-free (and makes life harder but better for all), and is always working out and trying new things (my current obsession is pilates).

one of my favorite chocolates is mast brother chocolate. i love it for many reasons but the three main ones are: it's fair trade and the company personally works with those making the product, their packaging is to die for, and it is great chocolate that is natural...with that being said, my lovely best friend who knows me so dang well surprised me the other day at work with some chocolate because she knew i would be so into the product. that product is unreal candy. it's unreal how good it is so i think the name fits the brand so perfectly.

unreal candy is not your ordinary candy. unreal is a new way of enjoying your favorite treats. their products are made with real ingredients and not that artificial bullshit that's got most americans looking the way they do. and get tastes amazing. they use ingredients like blue agave and reaaal caramel.

they've got some big people backing them up and you may have heard of them: giselle bundchen, tom brady, john legend, matt damon, the guy who invented twitter, and even a doctor.

products like these get me really excited because they're changing the way we eat. if more products stayed clean like this, a lot could change.

watch this video. check their website out. and go buy yourself an unreal chocolate bar. i love them all. oh and the unreal 54's colors are great! so fall-like.