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guys, i have a major girl crush on british model, cara delevingne. she is spunky and wild, it's great. she is this tomboy bombshell and i cannot help but envy her a little...okay a lot. i came across this video of her trying on different clothes and i find it so fun and i think it's a cool representation of her. 

i feel like whenever i open a magazine she always seems to pop up and i love it. she is a natural beauty and she opts for a natural makeup-less face then a full done up look. and can we talk about her eyebrows? they are perfect. i want them. she's just a total babe!

cara walked multiple shows during fashion week and i loved getting to see all her looks. when she isn't on the runway looking fabulous she is making funny faces at any camera aiming her way. i feel like it's kind of her thing now. anyone else would look ridiculous making those faces all the time, but she looks just as beautiful as she always does. stupid. ha ha. 

you can catch her next walking the victoria's secret fashion show that will air on december 6.

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