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i love me a good local band. the royal sons are kind of a really big deal here in orange county where they are all originally from. the guys have been friends for a long time and they decided to come together and create wonderful music by the name the royal sons.

they are a crazy talented band and i truly believe they will go far. their songs have a way of pulling you in and making you feel and i'm left feeling a little nostalgic. the royal son's music is full of rich lyrics that get stuck in your head for days and their vocals are just as great. the songs make you feel young, wild, and free. they hit you hard and leave you feeling like you want to conquer the world.

their ep just dropped and lemme tell has literally been on repeat since i purchased it. these guys put together an album that is timeless. los angeles & i has to be my favorite song off the ep. it's a strong ending to a stunning album. it's not everyday that you come across a band that is more than just poppy tunes and lyrics that have no depth. the royal sons are a band you need to keep your eyes out for, people. before you know it they will be bigger than all of us ever imagined.

go buy their ep los angeles & i on itunes 
while you are at it like their facebook page and check out their blog.

above is the music video for one of the songs off their ep called "vicious love" and it's so fun! enjoy!