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two weeks in a row without a music monday playlist. i apologize for that, but it's only because there are bands that need a whole post written about them. this week i bring you a new band, PAPA. they are a los angeles based band and i got to see them this past weekend as they opened for GROUPLOVE. let me tell you something about PAPA: i have never loved an opening band (that i didn't know of) more than this band. they got the crowed going, there songs as well as their vocals are great, and they're not one bit bad looking. i enjoyed their set and would love to see them again in the future.

on my way out of the venue i saw them hanging out by the bar and i feel like i missed a great chance to talk to them and ask them a few questions for the blog. but, i'm going to keep telling myself it wasn't meant to be.

they are playing in santa ana in january and i will probably end up going to the show to see them again. you should check them out in person!

go check out their music and like them on facebook or twitter

you're welcome, people.