Posted: 11.20.2012 | | Labels:

i haven't done done a 'my life in instas' in a while. i always say i need to instagram more, but i never actually do. ha! i will definitely try harder!

i feel like lately i have been so busy. i don't exactly have anything huge planned right now, but somehow i have tons to do each day. i have been spending most of my time on the go with a coffee (or some type of caffeinated drink) in hand. honestly though i think that caffeine does nothing to my body anymore because the other day i had two red bulls, an iced espresso drink, black coffee, and a diet coke and somehow i was exhausted all day. i am fully aware that my ways are wrong and i am slowly killing myself, but i need the caffeine so badly!

i've been spending a lot of time going through design books and all types of magazines. i feel very inspired when i read fashion, art (design), and music related books. it's also a nice escape from my busy schedule.

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