Posted: 12.11.2012 | | Labels:

isn't it cool when directors have a recurring theme in their movies? whether it be a certain way they shoot things or certain sounds? i found a couple of videos that show these reoccurring themes in some really incredible directors' films.

i really enjoyed watching these and seeing the themes all compiled in short videos. i really love these directors and all i want now is to have a movie marathon with some of their films. anyone wanna join?

we've got wes anderson and his famous from above shots. if you watched his latest film moonrise kingdom you will notice that he really is all about those awesome from above shots. quentin tarantino and his from below shots. i didn't really realize until after watching the video that he does the below shots a loot. stanley kubrick does on-point perspective shots which are incredible and darren aronofsky is all about sounds. cool right?