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this past weekend i drove down to san diego with one of my best friends for a show. we had gotten tickets for wrex the halls and let me tell you, the lineup was great. we got to see Youngblood Hawke, Imagine Dragons, The Joy Formidable, Tegan & Sara, Passion Pit, M83, and The Killers. it was an incredible night. these bands definitely put on a ridiculous show. there were roughly around 8 thousand people there and it was a huge dance party.

quick backstory: Mr. Brightside is one of those songs that make me feel a million emotions (mostly all good feels) and brings back tons of wonderful memories. i imagine myself back in high school in one of my best friend's car jam packed with all our best friends driving down pch on a summer night and feeling invincible. it might sound stupid, but that is how this song makes me feel, invincible.

getting to see The Killers perform Mr. Brightside live almost brought me to tears. one of my favorite things to do at shows is to look around at the crowd and see them singing their hearts out, dancing, and for the night not caring if they look ridiculous enjoying themselves. there is a deep connection brought on by music that is like no other. music is a little bit like magic.

if you have the chance to see any of these 7 bands live, do it! i promise that you won't regret it. they all had incredible sets and you can feel the passion they have for what they do.

if you want to see some pictures from the night check out the wrex the halls page.