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a couple of months ago i randomly came across Mint Clothing Company and was instantly interested in talking to jessica snyder, the brains behind the company, and getting to know more about her company. i reached out to her and emailed back and forth for a while. i got to ask her some questions about her company, her inspirations, and her goals. i love Mint because i am a huge comfy tee kind of girl and being from california i love the aesthetics of this line.

Mint is a luxury tee shirt line featuring photos and artistry that bring to life the magic of living a surf lifestyle. manufactured start to finish in california, Mint tees are made from the softest of high quality fabric and boast a lightweight, barely there feeling.

What was it that made you decide to start your own clothing line?

I had kinda always been designing without realizing it. I would see pieces in my head that I would search desperately for until I'd realize they didn't exist because I made them up! I had worked in fashion for a few years and I always loved clothes but I knew nothing, literally, about designing. When I started flirting with the idea of doing my own line I asked a few people what they thought and they told me how incredibly hard it was, how much there is to learn, how much competition there is etc... and so I decided I should do it. 

How did you come up with your company name?

Have you ever played that word game where you come up with your favorite and least favorite words? Well after years of thinking of it I determined Mint is my favorite. I started the line before I had a name and one day I was driving to the beach and it just kinda popped into my head that it could work!

Did all your traveling help inspire your line in any way?
For the most part I'd say my line is pretty California inspired. I had been traveling back and forth to Europe for the last few years and over this past summer (while I was working on the line) was probably the longest I'd been home for a while. I kind of got back to my "roots" I guess you'd say- I starting surfing again almost every day, was hanging at the beach a lot. That definitely inspired the line. 

You worked closely with a celebrity stylist, did you ever want to become a full time stylist yourself?

I thought about it. I do really love styling and putting outfits together! Nothing like sending off a celeb then 20 minutes later seeing something you'd just put together on a red carpet. It's very rewarding. It is also a very tough job, more stressful then you would think! 

What inspires you as a person and as a designer?

I'm very proud of where I'm from, I am third generation from LA. My Nanie (Grandma) was born in Los Angeles, and that's probably why it means so much to me because she was so proud to be from here. Where I grew up and how I grew up does inspire me as a designer. I'm a California girl, there is no denying it! As a person, my family inspires me, they believe in me and my goals and it means the world to me. When you have people that see the best in you it makes you want to be the best person you can be

When can we expect it? 

Everything will be available end of January!

Where will it be sold? 

Select boutiques in CA, and on the official site.

Mint clothing company is just starting out, but where would you like to see your company go?

I've always been a dreamer, so I've got big ideas! I would love to do a full range line beyond tees and do some more media stuff as well. Stay tuned!! 

Last song played on your iPod? 

Oh let me check this one out.. "After The Fall"- Norah Jones. Her whole "Little Broken Hearts" album is so good- SO different then all of her other stuff!! 

Where do you like to shop for inspiration?

I love Zara, Free People is good... when I was styling I would be in Bloomingdales almost everyday and it would never get old! My eyes would just about pop out of my head! So many of my favorite brands in there; DVF, Marc by Marc, Joie, Sandro.. I could go on and on and on. The other day I was in Nordstroms looking at this Celine bag and it was just so gorgeous I just about cried. 

Best piece of advice you have ever received?

"Just be yourself!" You hear it over and over again and it sounds so simple! But it's a good one. Unless your horrible. Just kidding.

i'm excited to see how far Mint goes! i hope you guys love this company as much as i do.

the tops from the photos are two of the tees in the line. the long sleeve tee  is called "The Paradise Tee" and the muscle tee is the "Made In CA tee".

check out Mint's blog / facebook / twitter / instagram