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as i was deciding who to write about today for music monday, i opted out on doing a playlist (i know, i'm slacking on those) and i realized i wanted to post about someone who can sing and has great style. danish babe nanna ├śland fabricius, better known by her stage name Oh Land is no new musician. most people have heard of her and if you haven't then you have to check out the video below. the lady's got a killer voice and on top of that her sense of style is pretty fantastic. Oh Land's on stage outfits can sometimes be kind of theatrical and spunky. i recently saw this video of her performing with a full orchestra and choir while wearing a body suit that opened up and looked like a blooming is amazing and her vocals are insane. i love that she brings the whole performance to life.

Oh Land is quite the style icon and has achieved this with the help of some cool designers like Sonia Rykiel and M Missoni. while looking at what other designers she's worked with i came across this old article. she talks about designers she loves and how when she was younger she'd watch her mother dress up. she was probably influenced by her mother a bit and i love that. Oh Land takes risks and i totally think that that's admirable. she also has her more casual cool outfits that still have a touch of spunk to keep it original. i always love seeing what she is going to wear next.