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i came across this video on bulletmedia and knew i had to share it. like i have said before in previous posts i am a very visual person and so videos like this one really inspire me. it's the music, the shots, the all really gets to me. i really enjoyed this video.

"Beneath the shadow of a baroque façade stands a woman unafraid. Framed by a pair of citrus Resurrection by Faang sunglasses, she click-clacks across Vienna’s cobblestone streets in a pair of purple Pradas as eccentric as her eyebrows. Patterns fail to intimidate her, and color is the new black. From her floral Marni tunic/collar/pant ensemble to her magnificent, billowing Marc Jacobs hat, most certainly a high fashion ode to Whoville, it is clear that this viennese is the bee’s knees, and then some."