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i'm feeling a bit stressed. i quit my job of over a year because i didn't feel like i was supposed to be there anymore. nothing was keeping me there and it was making me unhappy. a leap of faith was what it was. i thought i had figured it out money wise and was excited to have more time to do what i love. little did i know i was waaaay wrong. i had my friend from germany come visit me for three weeks and i never realized until now how expensive being a host is. it ended up costing me around three months worth of car payments. i'm not getting as much work as i thought i would and even when i am it isn't enough. it's hard seeing myself not succeed and barely making ends meet each month.

i'm going to continue keeping my head up high and praying for a miracle.
i was questioning my decision on quitting my job and wondering if i did the right thing...i did.
i still stand behind what i posted a few weeks ago: no reason to stay is a good reason to go.
i know it's tough for me right now, but i also know that it will get better.

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