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it's friday! i like fridays because they bring a sense of adventure and also it means i get two days of no classes. this semester i'm unfortunately going to school every day of the week and my four classes are all night classes. kill me now? i will say that i'm somewhat excited because i am taking some really fun classes this semester to finish off my media arts associate degree.

okay, back to this post, i always see people do follow fridays on twitter and decided to kind of copy that idea, but not really. instead of just sharing twitter accounts i will be sharing books, music (bands or songs), blogs/twitter accounts, as well as movies. i love all of these things so i thought why not share them with you guys!

blog i recommend checking out is Zanita. she is a photographer, model, and blogger. she is always posting beautiful pictures of her travels, other bloggers, or herself. i really enjoy reading her blog and seeing all the photographs she captures on her Nikon D700.

movie my all time favorite film is Almost Famous. i have watched it roughly around 100 times and i secretly want to be penny lane. everything about this film makes me happy. i think every person should watch it at least 10 times.

book haruki murakami is one of favorite authors. the stories he tells really hit home for me. my copy of South of the Border, West of the Sun is all highlighted and underlined. i treasure it dearly. it is definitely a must read.

music a band to look out for is Wardell. they are a brother sister duo and their only song on their bandcamp opossum is 3 minutes of great lyrics and killer vocals. it's catchy and i suggest you go take a listen and download the song. it is only $1.

happy friday, people!