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muse of the week is dree hemingway. dree is a model and actress. her mother is mariel hemingway (the young love interest in woody allen's Manhattan) and she is the great-granddaughter of the wonderful ernest hemingway. who wouldn't love to be a part of that family!

i had seen the trailer for her latest movie Startlet a few times, but not until recently did i put two and two together. i didn't realize the model was also the main character in the film. i definitely have to watch the movie. dree was also in a french movie as well as a music video for The Vaccines.

what i mainly love about dree is her sense of style. she plays with masculine and feminine pieces creating her effortless and chic style. i think that can sometimes be hard to do for some people and it ends up looking unnatural or a bit off, but not with dree. i love how she finds a good middle point and can pull of chic and sexy without having to expose too much or dress in overly feminine pieces. there is nothing i like more than when someone sticks to the basic timeless pieces and makes them work in many different ways. i may sound like a broken record, but having a few basic pieces in your wardrobe are a major must. take it from dree who is a great example of this. a simple black blazer, a good fitted jean jacket, black skinny pants, and the good ol' striped tee shirt. they are necessities in every closet.

i'm a massive dree hemingway fan and i hope that now you are too.