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jamie reardin is a killer fashion illustrator. some big names in the fashion industry have even shared her illustrations with their fans via different social media outlets. some of her clientele include V Magazine, Moda Operandi, and Via Los Angeles. there are some people i really see making it big and she is definitely one of them. her work is so detailed and i cannot get enough of it.

i was super excited when we got connected because i knew i wanted to share her work with you guys! i got to interview her and ask some questions about her work, the big move, and her inspirations. you guys should definitely keep an eye out for jamie's work because i totally believe we will be seeing it more in the fashion industry.

You are originally from Toronto, Canada, and now you live in Los Angeles how has that change been for you? 

I moved to LA just over four years ago, and it is probably the best change I've ever made for myself.  It's so exciting when you have the opportunity to start fresh in a new city, and I've been very fortunate to meet some amazing friends along the way. I find that I feel more inspired on the West Coast. I'm not sure if it's the ocean, the palm trees or something in the air, but I've definitely grown creatively since living here.

I see that some big names in the fashion industry (Derek Blasberg, Leandra Medine, and more) have posted your illustrations of them on their instagrams. I also saw that The Coveteur, KENZO, and IT GIRL Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea have tweeted you about your illustrations. How does that make you feel?

I'm always very delighted to hear from the people who inspire my drawings! Art is obviously very subjective, so I never really know what type of response my kooky style is going to get.  I genuinely appreciate it when anyone takes the time to acknowledge my work. It's a great form of motivation for me.

Social Media is so huge right now. So many designers, musicians, artists are being recognized and getting the word out thru social media just like you. Do you feel like without it, you wouldn’t be as far as you are right now?

I can't believe how much social media has impacted my career as an illustrator. Instagram, in particular, has connected me to fashion-oriented individuals from all over the world, and has allowed me to get in touch with the untouchables of the industry. I'm very determined, so without social media I'm sure I would have found other ways of contacting these fashion icons, however, I doubt that those means would have been as effective or instantanious as Instagram.

You've got V Magazine on your client list (congrats) what was it like working for a well-known fashion magazine?

My art was actually featured in V-Magazine as a result of a contest that I entered. Lady Gaga held several "Drawn This Way" contests in which fans had the opportunity to create themed artwork that could potentially accompany her column in the magazine. I entered once and didn't win, but I tried again for the following issue and was lucky enough to be one of the finalists. I was completely shocked when I saw the spread… it was very overwhelming.

Your illustrations make me think of Tim Burton gone Couture. What is the look/aesthetic you try to go for?

Thank you! That is my favorite compliment. I adore Tim Burton and his tragic characters. There's something about their sadness that I'm drawn to, and it seems to come across in my art whether intentional or not. I'm also extremely fascinated by fashion. I think it can be beautiful and powerful, and even moving at times. The presentation especially-- be it the composition of a photograph or a theatrical runway production--is what I find truly inspiring and special about the industry. I'm obsessed. 

SO much detail goes into each illustration. What is the longest you've ever worked on one drawing?

The longest I've ever worked on one drawing was about 30 hours. It's one entitled 'Presence.' 

What is it that constantly inspires you?

I'm inspired by lots of things… colors, shapes, garments, trinkets, love, loss, storybooks, rhymes, photos, imagery and my own imagination. 

I see that you had a position as a menswear designer, what was that like? Is designing something you could see yourself doing full time?

Yes, I worked as a Menswear Designer for about 6 months. It wasn't for me. I knew it after one week of creating technical drawings on Illustrator. However there were several contributing factors to my dislike for it, including 11 hour work days, a lengthy commute and a dreary atmosphere. I enjoyed some aspects of the job, such as creating vision boards and assisting with photoshoots, but overall, it was not the direction I wanted to head in. 

Best piece of advice you have ever been given? Worst piece of advice you have ever been given?

The best advice I've been given always comes from my parents. They've always encouraged me to go with my gut, and do what I love.
I can't recall any bad advice. If something sounds odd to me I make sure to forget it. Fast. 

And since we are talking about fashion…what is the most treasured item in your closet?

I honestly don't have any item in my closet that I particularly treasure… at least not yet. I tend to treasure books, art, and photographs … but if I were to receive a McQueen gown or a Chanel blazer, I would certainly treasure that.  

Last song played on your iPod?

Last song played on my iPod: Skyfall, by Adele.

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview! now i think you should go check out jamie's blog / portfolio / facebook / instagram / twitter