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i have just under two months left until my long awaited trip to london and paris. my best friend and i are trying to find a couple of basic items we have to bring. pieces we can use a couple of different ways because we are going to be there for two weeks and can't bring a massive suitcase each. i want to feel comfortable, but stylish while i am on vacation.

i love dark colors so picking a few basics is really easy. i plan on bringing at least one striped tee, at least two basic dresses, and comfortable but cute shoes as well as some necessary accessories.

these items are some i came across that i really love. i'd love to get my hands on that bag, but it's a little out of my price range right now. i do plan on buying those sunglasses. i've been looking everywhere for black simple glasses. i already own those black boots and i know i will be using them a lot while in europe. i'm still trying to find a great pair of oxfords to bring along on the trip. if you've got any links of shoes you'd like to share with me i will greatly appreciate it.

tee / dress / dress / bag / sunglasses / gloves / sneakers / flats / boots