Posted: 1.15.2013 | | Labels: ,

that cara delevingne sure is a total babe. nowadays you cannot open up a magazine, tumblr, or street style blog without seeing her and i am so totally in love with it. it makes sense because she did win model of the year at the British Fashion Awards. some of you might have seen her in this past years victoria secret fashion show or on past burberry ads. i love reading a magazine and seeing her in it…usually more than once. if you haven't yet checked out her cover on style.com's magazine then you really must. i loved the interview and the photographs so so much.

her cool effortless tomboy look has won millions over, but more so than that it's all about her personality. she seems to really not care too much and is a little bit of a wild child. basically, i want to be her best friend. she is the photobomb queen and she is in with the cool crowd (alexa chung, azealia banks, georgia jagger, and many more). i mean, cara is the definition of tomboy cool.