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so, let's talk about Girls. strangely enough i have a few friends who have not watched the first season. i'm stumped on why these friends of mine who basically resemble the ladies on the show have yet to watch something that will blow their minds. no, i am not exaggerating at all.

Girls is a show about a group of twenty-something year old girls living in New York City and being confused, neurotic, and young. what makes this show so great is the fact that hannah, jessa, marnie, and shosh embody modern day girls in some way or another. i see some of myself in all four of the leading ladies and i applaud lena for that.

the creator of this show, lena dunham is something of a female version woody allen. her writing and story telling is something i felt was missing in the television world. it's witty, charming, and honest. i've never watched an episode of Girls and thought: man, that is so unrealistic. it's actually the total opposite. the reason for that is that Girls is inspired by some of lena's real-life experiences. for example: hannah spends a good chunk of season one in love with a guy who doesn't treat her the way she deserves. there is one scene where she tells him exactly how she feels. it was a long but honest speech. the thing that shocked me was that that speech is actually an email that lena wrote to one of her ex-boyfriends. that's how genuine and real this show is.

for those of you who have never watched an episode...get on it. like, seriously. it's on HBO and the new season starts on january 13. for those of you who are lovers of the show like myself...i'm so happy it's almost back!

i will definitely be having a Girls viewing party with some girlfriends while sippin' on some tasty drinks.