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i've decided to occasionally post about some people i look to for inspiration regarding fashion, music, and art. the first person i'm writing about is none other than gia coppola. does that last name sound familiar? it should. her aunt is sofia coppola and her grandfather is francis coppola. if you have no clue who those people are then i don't know what to tell you. you are clearly doing life the wrong way. ha ha, i'm joking (kind of).

i would love to be gia coppola for a day. just to see what it's all like and to be behind the camera. she studied photography at Bard, but she got her start in the fashion world when she made a short video for Wendy Mullin. here comes the fun part...opening ceremony saw the video and then asked her to work for them. a couple of other designers that followed are some of my favorites: Zac Posen, Diane von Furstenberg, and Rodarte. pretty amazing.

can we talk about the fact that she is sitting next to rachel zoe, alexa chung, aaaand pharrell at a fashion show? like, c'mon. and there she is with her aunt sofia coppola.

her photography and her fashion videos are really great. her tumblr is definitely worth checking out. it is where she posts some of her photography and short films she has directed. her vimeo is also an easy place to find a few of her short films which are all clever and inspiring. another thing i love about gia is the laid back (but chic) look she is always rocking. she always looks very comfortable, but stylish and i wouldn't mind raiding her closet. overall gia is an awesome artist who inspires me.

here is a video she directed for opening ceremony. doesn't it make you want summer and to wear a dress while riding a bike? this video gets me excited for summer and for everything that comes along with it.