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it's monday! new playlist for you to enjoy! i made this one extra long because i didn't post one last week..actually i didn't blog all week. i came down with the flu. let me just say that i had no clue the flu was a real thing. i thought it was something people just like to pretend and exaggerate about. like the way people exaggerate about how McDonalds fries are really tasty...they're not. stop lying to yourself. but really, the flu is real! i've now officially had the flu.

so, this week i am bringing you some fun new beaaattz. yes, i am aware of how lame that last sentence was and i feel no shame. haters gonna hate. back to the playlist though, it's fun to listen to when doing work, working out, or if you want to have a dance party by yourself which is normal because i do it all the time.

happy monday, people!

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