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it's friday and you cannot imagine how excited i am because i finally have a short break. well, not really since i will be working everyday this weekend. but it's a nice break from school. don't get my wrong, i love school because i get to learn from awesome things (i'm currently in school for media arts) but being behind a computer for 7 hours everyday working on new projects is currently killing my eyes and wrist. my brain has been on overdrive since monday and it'll be nice to have a few hours today all for myself. normally i would be in class, but thank heavens for holidays. 

this week i'm bring new things for you to check out. i hope you guys like them.

blog one of my most favorite blogs is Designlovefest. the brains behind it is bri emery whom i have a total girl crush on. since she is a graphic design major you better believe her blog is full of beautiful layouts and type. you can find anything from a great cocktail recipe to a style post. go check out her blog, i promise you will be hooked. 

movie For Lovers Only is a movie in black and white that is visually stimulating. there are so many locations in this film that i wish i could visit. the story is a bit sad in my opinion. it is about two people in love who haven't seen each other in years, but come in contact when both are in Paris for work. they travel together and that is all i will say because i think you should watch it. michael polish did a beautiful job in my opinion.

read i decided to change the book section to just plain reading material because there are so many magazines i feel people need to go read. yes, i did just write a whole post about some of my favorites. it's whatever. a magazine i think is truly a work of art is i-D magazine. it is filled with rich and beautiful photographs. the content always leaves me feeling inspired. what more do you need from a magazine? 

band  Fitz and the Tantrums is such a fun band. they are an LA band that were founded by lead vocalist michael fitzpatrick who has said that their musical style can be described as "soul-influenced indie pop." they are an interesting band and one i definitely want people to go check out. their newest single Out Of My League has been playing on the radio lately and i love when it comes. i'm that girl who has dance parties in her car by herself. how am i still single?